August 28, 2014

Simply loving it .......

This is the title for a new adventure Brooke and I about to embark upon......

Simply loving it, is about taking the values that you hold very dear to your heart and starting to honestly live them

What does this mean exactly?

That's the question, isn't it....what does living your values actually mean....

Over the past months weeks and days and we have been looking at our life almost from above and identifying all the things that inspire us, the things that drain us and the things that we aspire to Be, Do and Have in our life.

Over the coming months we aim to DE-clutter our lives through offloading the things that we no longer require like unworn clothing, unused items and those things we all have that 'we might need one day'. 
Well today is that 'one day', the one day we decide we don't need them, we just hang onto them because that's how it is right! how we've learned to life has shaped our thinking, how work has shaped our doing and how commercialism traps us.

We have been reading a lot about other people who have traded down whilst going up at the very same time... and by letting go of all the 'non essential  stuff' in their lives they have actually re-started life in a whole new way. 
I really believe our journey will give us, and hopefully others, the opportunity to experince what we actually need in our lives instead of what we 'think' we need....

I'm looking forward to sharing our journey with you into our Simply awesome, New life...

April 17, 2014

It's a beautiful life

Seeing is believing.

This year has gone off with a hiss and a roar and it's only now we are actually starting to really feel the value in the things we have around us. Our little place we call home is constantly transforming and as this happens, we can't help ourselves from going along with it on this wonderful journey.
The Stationmasters Cottage has welcomed some great friends this year. We've had Sally, Kona and Sue up from Auckland, Justine and Mark from Christchurch and Peter and Anthony from Awhitu Peninsula as well as our close community friends. It's been lovely and it's been a crazy, long warm Summer.

Some brilliant memories of the year so far:

The remarkable Mr Kodak. Almost 18 years old...his eyes really do tell the story.

We painted our front door juicy orange and think it looks pretty cool...
Night time, deck finished and just loving the finished look.
4 little chicks I rescued form the Zoo car park, someone dumped them there
Day time view of house and surrounding hills..
Trouble 1 and 2. Murphy will often go lie beside Kodak...she loves her big bro!
This is Boy! he likes scratches and a 'lot' of attention..
Told you...
  Brooke's Bees are Booming....
Doggies in UTE headin for big walk up the mountain.
Their watching me open the gate
Finn and Murphy at the top O' the mountain...
Paddle boarding at Martins Bay...stunning
It's great when you come across a wee beach tucked away from everyone else
Tawharanui regional park
Relaxing at Martins bay on the board
Mark and Justine from Christchurch..oor buddies.

My wee sister decided to finally follow her true passion as a brilliant creative artist and is now in her final year at uni. She sent us some of her latest work as a gift. These are created on lino..can you believe it.


And our wonderful friend Justine: stunning drawing of Cheetah

Well friends and followers, thanks for your time today and tomorrow.
Quote for the day:
"Nothing changes if nothing changes....."

February 21, 2014

Where Old meets new! what a Union.

The journey of our new deck

Well, it's almost complete. Kevin and Kyle arrived today and at 7am. Can you believe we agreed on that time, on a weekend!It's now 4pm and I think I'm hearing the last screws going into the new roof. It's rained a lot today, and it also really sticky hot. The worst possible building conditions, but they have soldiered on and the end is in sight.

So, here is the journey from the beginning to right now at 4pm.

                                                         When Old meets new.


                                              Bearers and posts in. It's a bit overcast
                                      Looking forward to the Old girls transformation.
                          I just like this photo, it's like it's framing the beautiful views.  
                          Sunny days looking across the fields, roof on. Nearly there. 

        Balustrade and roof in place. Rainy days, but at least the woodwork is complete

                   Undercoat and tops coats onto posts to allow boys to get roof on, 

                                   Almost finished, just those tricky wee corners.

                                   IT'S ON ...Both the roof and the rain that is.
                         But the soldiers are marching on. Looking East to West

                                                 Looking West to East, Murphy likes it.

                   The boys are on the home straight. It's cloudy, but it looks great.

         The next photo I post will be of a complete deck, roof an all! Watch this space.

February 01, 2014

Summer time and the living is easy

What have we been up to?

We've found the best builders to undertake our veranda job. Kevin and Kyle are local lads who were recommended to us from friends. The boys work really fast and are producing some great results.
The new space is a whopping 15 metres by 3 and it's already clear will add a whole new dimension to the place.
 Laura and Lloyd at "our wee farm" up North have done the same thing and having spent a weekend up at their place last year, we saw what is possible to achieve for your wee piece of heaven. 
                                                Ready for a makeover little house?

                                               Foundations set, not bad for 1 days work.
                                                  Ready to start laying the deck
                                  A good sheltered area to share with good friends

                                                   Alfresco here we come, not long now.
                                Stage 3 almost complete. Check out the stunning sky.

We will continue to handrail along the three sides and hopefully Kevin will achieve this in the next 3 days. Then the long weekend will be filled with painting the area white. We'll leave the deck as is the fade naturally. The boys will then fit the iron for the roof and that should this job done. We are thinking about taking the kitchen window out and popping a fair of French doors in it's place. This will allow easy access to the deck from kitchen. 

What else can you possibly do in these long hot summer days? Well Brookies tomatoes are ready and we decided to have a go at making sweet chutney... 

                                        First get heaps of yummy, ripe tomatoes

    Roughly chop em up and place in large pan with 3 chopped onions and half                                                 cup brown soft sugar, water and some veg stock 

       After 2 hours of simmering, prepare preserve jars and pop the tasty stuff in. 
       We got 3jars from this.

 Catch ya later friends, next update will see a finished deck..yippee.


January 03, 2014

New Year with Old Friends, the best of times.

Welcome 2014.

January 2nd we welcomed our pal Sal, Kona, Sue and Arti up to enjoy a weekend at the cottage and a concert at Matakana Country Park watching Fat Feddys Drop and Shapeshifter Summer events at matakana
The troops arrived around 12 and it was party time until 6.30 when we headed up to the park.

Kona and Sue checking out the groovy band. Sue mentioned what happened to our wee picnic blanket and cheese'n crackers idea....I think we are at the wrong concert!


                                          I think we were about 20 years too OLD...


              But the next day we had the best breakfast out in the garden


                   Some enjoyed a liquid breakfast...Sal and Kona (tut tut)...


December 06, 2013

A Journey towards Summer.

There has been many great things happened over the past few months, rather than telling you a huge story, I thought you might like to just have a wee insight and some cool pics to let your eyes wander through our journey towards Summer.

      We had 4 wee lambs born in late September, early October, 2 boys and two girls.
                                                     This is little black knees...

Here are the 4 babies with Broken leg, she's the Mum of the little ones, Mamma at the front with her two, and Marmajuke back right, she's Grandma, but passed away in late October. One life begins as another ends. A wee happy sad story.

My brother in law on Holiday wearing his birthday pressie from us. An All Black training top.
We are trying to talk them into coming over for holiday...

                                Broken leg cleaning little Black Knees, what a great Mum she is.


                       Brooke on the deck, enjoying the glorious day with relaxed .doggies


Went to vintage second hand shop, there is a consortium of these shops in the area, that all advertise each other's stores and it's a great way to support each other by inviting customer to shop around...
We went to one on the way to Matakana, and got a couple of lamp shades. This one is an industrial looking one for Kitchen. Looks cool.


                            This orange one looks quite Retro in the wee dining room area

We also tried our hand a building a Pergola, it was a challenge but in the end it is quite surprising what you can achieve when you push through. We also stained it 'black bean' and used some old pallets as seats, some wooden gates as lean backs and shelter. It will be a nice cool space for the warm summer days.


Harry our Rooster, what a cool little guy. He keeps all the girls in line, tells them where and (often) when to eat, they all scurry up to him when he sources food. He does get a very good return for his investment, if you know what I mean? 


                       Brooke created
 a wall garden from an old pallet, it's coming on great.


            The onion on the right is shop bought, the others are some of Brooke's garden variety...


                                     Fresh potatoes from the garden for beauty.


                            Some of our UK trip photos, what a great trip home.


           Brooke made some yummy Pizza for lunch, she has an amazing, quick dough recipe.

                                  Some of the 12 girls Harry gets to look after, lucky fella! 


                          Brooke's onions, almost ready to lift and dry out.....stunning.

                      What epitomises Summer more than the sight of sweetcorn growing...


                                                Roses growing in the Summer sun...

                                               Blue sky,flowers and good times...


       The wee house is transforming before our eyes, Summer brings the best out in everything..

   The orchard we planted last year is really coming on, won't be long until we can pick our first crop

                                                       Apples...not too far away...

                                                Pathway through the garden of Eden....


                         Remember the woolly gate, well it's hanging out in the Garden now...

Well that's all folks, I hope you had fun wandering towards Summer with us. The Cottage is slowly become more and more connected to the gardens and it's surrounding. It's a joy to bring the things you love together, to have a garden that provides beautiful food for you and a surrounding that feels, well...just feels right I guess. 

Enjoy your journey towards Summer, see you soon.

Maggie x.